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We can supply High Quality FIBC Bulk Bags in every classification

We can supply Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) bulk bags in standard sizes from all classifications, plus they can be made to order to suit your specification. With over 25 years’ experience in the supply and manufacturing of big bulk bags we are sure we have the right product for you. For quotations contact us today to talk to an expert.

Type A Bulk Bags

Standard type A tonne bulk bags for the storage and transportation of granular materials, sand, soil, gravel and aggregates etc.

  • Single-trip (5:1) and multi-trip (6:1) certified bags.
  • A range of fabric weights from 130gsm to 250gsm.
  • Our bags contain at least 30% recycled material.
  • Bags can be supplied with ‘standard’ side seam loops, cross-corner loops, sleeve-lift, tunnel-lift, hood-lift, stevedore straps or loop extensions.
  • Filling and discharge options include duffle/skirt, standard spout, conical spout, spout and flap and petal or iris closures.
  • Bag construction options include 4-panel, U-panel, circular, conical and baffle bags (a.k.a. Q Bags).
  • Full design and artwork service.
  • Great deals on ‘standard’ plain white builders bags.

Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags

Specialist FIBC Bulk Bags for the transportation and storage of dry foods in granule and powder form and pharmaceutical products.

  • Made from virgin polymer resin.
  • Manufactured in strictly controlled conditions to the BRC/ISO22000 standard.
  • Our manufacturers have HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Program) certification.
  • Bags are produced in clean room environment with ventilated production facilities
  • Ultrasonic fabric cutting reduces dust production.
  • All raw materials undergo light table inspection and metal detection.
  • Options include dust proofed seams for the transportation of powders and a laminated fabric or polythene lining.

UN/ADR Certified Bulk Bags

Highly durable bulk bags designed to prevent explosion, fire, toxic contamination, chemical burns or environmental damage.

  • Tested for durability in top-lifting, accidental dropping, tearing, toppling, stability in stacking and self-righting.
  • Certified as meeting the United Nations recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Materials.
  • Labelled in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).
  • We can supply bags with UN certification, ADR certification, or both.
  • Bags are available for all classes including sub-classes. Class 1: Explosives, 2: Gases, 3: Flammable Liquids, 4: Flammable Solids, 5: Oxidizing substances, 6: Toxic Substances, 7: Radioactive material, 8: Corrosive substances, 9: Miscellaneous.

Conductive FIBC Bulk Bags

For transporting flammable powders or when flammable vapors, gases or combustible dusts are present. Designed to prevent electrostatic discharge causing explosions during the filling and discharging process. These bulk bags are widely used in the food industry where explosible dusts are generated by flour, instant coffee, sugar etc.

We can supply 3 types of bag:

  • Type B. These are not anti-static, but unlike Type A tonne bags they are made from fabric with a lower breakdown voltage (< 6 kV). They are suitable for dry combustable materials but NOT if flammable solvents or gases are present in the vacinity of filling or discharge.
  • Type C. Made from non-conductive polypropylene fabrics interwoven with conducting threads sewn into the fabric. These threads are connected to a panel on the front of the bag which must be manually connected to a designated ground/earth during filling and discharge.
  • Type D. Made from special antistatic and static dissipative fabrics. Any electrical charge is dissipated into the environment via the corona-effect. No need for a connection from the FIBC to a designated ground/earth but bags should be kept dry. Guidelines exist for use in humid environments.

Seed & Fertiliser FIBC Bulk Bags

These 1 & 2 loop easy-to-handle FIBC Bulk Bags are ideal for fertilisers, seeds, animal feed and other agricultural applications. They can also be used for chemicals, cement and similar non-flammable products.

  • Self-supporting single or double point of lift.
  • Good cost-to-weight ratio compared with 4-loop FIBCs
  • Coated or un-coated fabrics.
  • Nylon inner liner can be suspended or glued, to give additional protection against moisture and leakage.
  • Optional filling and discharge spouts.
  • Single (5:1) or multi-trip (6:1) options
  • Bag capacity ranges from 500 kg to 2 tonnes.
  • High resolution printing up to 7 colours.
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