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A complete range of products for bunker silos and silage piles

Qualis can supply top quality multi-layer silage sheeting with high oxygen barrier properties, along with vacuum film, sidewall film, mesh covers and gravel bags for bunker silos.  For more information, expert advice and our latest prices contact us today.

Q-SILO Silage Sheet is a premium quality high oxygen-barrier silage sheet which is treated to provide maximum top-layer protection for bunker silos and un-walled silage piles. The co-extruded 5-layer material is tear and puncture resistant, it has a high resistance to weathering, it is easy to apply and long lasting. 

This product is available in a variety of colour combinations and can be used in conjunction with our companion underlayer vacuum film and sidewall protective film products.

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Q-SILO Underlay/Vacuum Film can be placed directly underneath the top layer silage sheet to provide the highest level of protection of valuable forage. It is thinner than the silage sheet and more flexible which enables secure clamping and reduces the risk of air pockets.

Adding this second layer provides a close fitting barrier to help reduce top and shoulder losses from aerobic spoilage. It is easy to apply and suitable for a variety of ensiled crops, including grass, maize, wholecrop and other moist feeds. 

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Q-SILO Sidewall Film is designed to be used in bunker silos to protect the walls from aggressive fermentation acid and to provide an airtight seal for optimal silage quality. The use of a sidewall film has been proven to significantly reduce silage spoilage.

Q-SILO Sidewall Film is constructed using the same material as our Silage Sheet but it is thicker. This gives it increased puncture and tear resistance when used in contact with bunker walls.

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Q-SILO Mesh Covers are durable silo top-covers designed to protect grass and maize silage from the weather, birds, rodents and other animals. As an additional benefit these heavy duty covers can increase the lifespan of the underlying silage sheet.

The mesh fabric is made from 300 g/sm UV stabilised woven high-density polyethylene and the covers have hemmed edges. They’re suitable for silage piles and bunker silos and can be easily secured using our Q-SILO Gravel Bags. 

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Q-SILO Gravel Bags weigh around 12kg when filled with pea gravel and are the ideal replacement for tyres. Tyres only have one point of contact on the clamp wall where as Q-SILO Gravel Bags have contact along their full length. This helps to create an airtight seal around the perimeter of your silage clamp.

The bags remain soft and flexible once filled, they hold their shape and will not retain water so they don’t freeze. The cut-out carry handle makes them easy to use and they come with cable ties.

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