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Polythene Packaging including 30% Recycled Content

With the flexibility to source from manufacturers worldwide, Qualis can supply all of the polythene sheets, covers, liners and sacks that you need for your packing and distribution workflow. We also offer an in-house design and artwork service that can speed up the creation of bespoke printed designs. For a quotation or more information contact us today to talk to an expert.

Poly Sacks and Sheets

Our polythene sheets, covers and sacksĀ  can be supplied as virgin polymer films or with 30% or more recycled material. This makes items compliant with the UK plastic packaging tax.

Whether you need standard sizes or a custom order we can meet any requirement quickly and competitively.

  • Block-bottom sacks.
  • Bottom-weld pillow sacks.
  • Mitred-bottom sacks.
  • Valve-sacks.
  • Polythene liners.
  • Pallet covers.
  • Stretch-hoods.
  • Base/top sheets.

Woven PP Sacks

Woven polypropylene sacks are made from interwoven strips of polypropylene which is a very flexible and very strong plastic.

WPP sacks are tear resistant, economical and ideal for storing and transporting dry or low-moisture content bulk materials. They are also widely used for textile recycling and as sandbags.

WPP sacks are typically open mouth with a sewn bottom. The options available include:

  • Side and bottom gussets
  • Polythene lining
  • Draw-string closures
  • Sandbags

BOPP Sacks

Ideal for automatic filling lines, BOPP Sacks are woven polypropylene sacks laminated with a clear plastic layer made of Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP).

This layer can be reverse-printed with high definition colour artwork prior to being laminated to the bag.

  • Suitable for direct food contact.
  • Widely used as retail-ready packaging for rice, dried food ingredients, seeds and cereals, pulses, charcoal and animal feeds etc.
  • Options include sewn or block bottoms and plastic or die-cut handles.
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