Qualis Packaging

Protective Packaging and Paper Sacks

Qualis can supply you with plain or bespoke printed cardboard sheets and boxes, plus we can source paper sacks for manual or automated filling. For our latest prices contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Cardboard Sheets, Layer Pads and Boxes

From cardboard boxes to pallet divider sheets, Qualis can source all the cardboard items you need to ensure a smooth packing operation. All of these products can be offered in multiwall options to ensure strength and security when transporting your goods. This coupled with waterproof surface treatments means we can offer our customers total security when shipping.

  • Solid board and corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Cardboard sheets.
  • Cardboard layer-pads for separating pallet layers to provide an anti-slip surface.
  • Bespoke layer-pad options include die-cuts and logo printing.

Our large die cut sheets (corners or rounded) are perfect for protecting and stabilising goods in transit, they also offer protection from fork lift damage, warehouse dust and rain and snow when in yards. Available with single or double wall we can pre-cut sheets to the customers requirement.

Paper Sacks for manual and Automated Filling

Paper sacks are strong, durable and ideal for food ingredients, chemicals, cement, powders and seeds etc. Qualis can supply bags that are compatible with both manual and automated filling systems.

The available bag types include:

  • Open mouth block-bottom sacks
  • Sewn-bottom paper sacks
  • Sacks with a rolled/glued top and bottom
  • Paper valve-sacks.
  • Optional polythene coating

Sacks can also be produced with multiple layers and offered in natural paper or bleached style. They canĀ  be printed with your corporate logo in up to 6 colours. Our in-house design department can help ensure your brand is applied effectively.

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